10-inch Cutter Suction Dredger (CSD) Ellicott 370

  • 200108-DB

This Cutter Suction Dredger has a dredging depth of 6.0 m (20-feet) with cutting power of 40 bhp. The suction diameter is 300 mm (120inch) and a discharge diameter of 250 mm (10-inch). The main engine is a Cummins 19 KTA with 650 bhp. The dredger has 2 hydraulically operated spuds with lengths of 8.0 m (26-feet). The dredger was built in 1991 in the USA.

Location: Mediterranean

  Year Built/Location: 1991 / USA
  Make/Model: Ellicot 370 Type
Principal Dimensions and Characteristics
  Length Over All: 17.5 m 57-feet
  Length of Hull: 10.9 m 35.8-feet
  Beam: 3.6 m 11.8-feet
  Draft: 0.8 m 2.6-feet
  Dredging Depth: 6.0 m 20-feet
  Suction Diameter: 300 mm 12-inch
  Discharge Diameter: 250 mm 10-inch
  Cutter Power: 30 kW 40 bhp
  Main Engine: 1 x Cummins 19 KTA
  Main Engine Power: 490 kW 650 bhp
  Spuds (Hydraulic): 8.0 m 26-feet
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