List Your Equipment

Listing your equipment with us is free. When we list your equipment, we add our commission to your asking price and collect only if we introduce a buyer. For more details please read theĀ FAQ.

To list your dredge or dredging equipment, please send us good photographs of the equipment together with a full description, preferably by e-mail to . If you prefer to use snail-mail, please send your print photos and description to:

Dredge Brokers LLC
1529 Robin Ave.
Katy, TX 77493

We make every effort to maintain our listings as current as possible, so please let us know if the equipment is no longer available so we can remove your listing.  We may also contact you from time to time to ascertain the status of the equipment. If we cannot contact you we will remove your listing.

We reserve the right to crop and re-size photos if we think it will help to showcase the equipment better, or to reduce file size for faster loading.  We reserve the right to edit text for clarity, all at our sole discretion.  We assume no liability for typographical or contextual errors.

We reserve the right to refuse any listing, at our sole discretion

Your consent to list equipment constitutes your assertion that you have the right to sell said equipment, that any liens or encumbrances will be settled prior to sale, and that full ownership of the dredge is transferred upon receipt of full payment.