10-inch Disch. Horizontal Cutter Dredger IMS Model 4010

  • 112,000 USD
  • 220104-DH

Built in 2001. Designed and built by IMS, this 177 horsepower unit was made as a self-contained and portable hydraulic power source. The primary purpose of the power unit is to furnish high-pressure fluid to power the hydraulically driven IMS pumping system. The Murphy hour meter reads 641 hours. The dredge is in complete running condition.

Sales includes some Tee’s, 90’s, knife valves, pipe saddles, and more upon request. Approximate 1,500-ft of pipe is available for an additional price.

Location: State of Wisconsin, USA

Principal Dimensions and Characteristics
  Length Over All: 30-feet 9.2 m
  Width: 9.2-feet 2,8 m
  Weight (approx): 22,000 lbs 9,979 kg
Dredging Capacities
  Dredging Depth: 20-feet 6.0 m
  Width of Cut: 8-feet 2.4 m
Dredge Pump
  Discharge Diameter: 10-inches 254 mm
  Production: 890 yd3/hr 680 m3/hr
Engine & Machinery
  Engine Make/Model: Cummins Diesel / Model 6BTA5.9
6-cylinder Turbocharged after-cooled diesel
  Engine Power @ 2500RPM: 132 kw 177 hp
  Hydraulic Pump: Sperry Vickers 3525VQ38A1711BA20
  Hydraulic Reservoir: 170 ltr 45 gallons
  Hydraulic Stem Specifications:  
    Relief valve setting: 2500 PSI max  
    Hrdraulic Oil Requirement: Cat Series 3  
    Original Hydraulic Oil: Shell Rotells T-30  
  Fuel Requirements    
    Reservoir: 340 ltr 90 gallons
    No. 2 Diesel fuel only    
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