10-inch Ellicott 370 Pump w/ Reducer Complete

  • 72,000 USD
  • 180519-CP

This 10-inch Ellicott 370 Pump was built in 2009. It is a complete pump and transmission (bearing housing and shaft). The the impeller and shell have about 60% life remaining. The dry end has been refurbished, and is in good condition. The transmission has new bearings, seals and a cooler.

Location: Georgia

Principal Dimensions and Characteristics
    Make/Model: Ellicott / Series 370
    Material: Impeller and Volute Cast from High Chrome Gasite Iron
    Discharge Diameter: 250-mm 10-inches
    Suction Diameter: 300-mm 12-inches
    Impeller Diameter: 686-mm 27-inches
    Particle Clearance: 153-mm 6-inches
    Pump Performance:

up to 190 cubic meters per hour

up to 225 cubic yards per hour
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