10-inch Horizontal Cutter Dredger, IMS 4010

  • 249,000 USD
  • 221203-DH

Built in 2002 in USA. Dredging depth of 6.1 m with a production capacity of 150 m3/hr. Discharge distance of 400 m. Hydraulic system pump is a Parker PAVC100BR46C3/PAVC65WB2R4A, a variable displacement, axial piston and a fixed displacement pump. Pump capacity is 100 gpm @2,000 psig. Cutter head has a diameter of 559 m and a length of 2.4 m. 10 inch submersible dredge pump is mounted directly behind cutterhead. 60 m of discharge hose and floats are included.

Location: West Coast of South Korea

  Built: 2002 IMS from USA  
Principal Dimensions and Characteristics
  Length Over All: 10.783 m 35.38-ft
  Length of Hull: 7.42 m 24.34-ft
  Width: 2.898 m 9.5-ft
  Depth: 0.86 m 2.82-ft
  Displacement: 7,227 Ton 8 tons
  Light Weight: 5,855 Ton 6.5 tons
Engine & Machinery
  Engine Make/Model: Cummins #6BTA, 6 Cylinder, Turbocharged & After cooled
  Engine Power @ 2500RPM: 130 kW 174 hp
  Fuel: Use Only No.2 diesel
  Fuel Capacity: 662 ltr 175 gal
  Dredging Depth: 6.1 m 20-ft
  Discharge Diameter: 254 10-in
  Dredging Capacity: 150 m3/hr 196 yd3/hr
  Discharge Distance: 400 m 131-ft
Hydraulic System
  Pump: Parker PAVC100BR46C3/PAVC65WB2R4A, a variable displacement, axial piston and a fixed displacement pump
  Pump Capacity: 100 gpm @2,000 psig  
  Hydraulic Reservoir: 65 equipped with low oil level and high oil temperature alarm contact switches
  Filtration: 100% return flow through a 10 micron filter and 5% of flow through a secondary 1 micron filter with water removal capacity
  Relief Valve settings: Circuit #1, Dredge Pump: 2,500 psig
Circuit #2, All other functions: 2,900 psig
  Hydraulic Oil: Use Only Shell Rotella T30 or equal
Cutter head
  Cutter Diameter: 559 m 22-in
  Cutter Length: 2.4 m 8-ft
  Discharge Hose Diameter: 254 10-in
  Discharge Hose Length: 60 m 197-ft
  Floats: floats 9 ea x 6m for flexible discharge hose, floats 17 ea for plastic discharging tube
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