10-inch Submersible Pump with Agitators Toyo DP-150B

  • 164,000 USD
  • 220213-CP
  • Location: Oregon

Pump comes outfitted with a jet ring, water supply pump, 2 saddles and a control box, 50 ft of electrical cord and 250 ft of 10 inch fixed HDPE pipe.

Location: State of Oregon, USA

Principal Dimensions and Characteristics
    Model: DP-150B-3D1
    Outlet: 254 mm 10-in
    Capacity: 720 m3/h 942 yd3/h
    Manometer: 22 m 866-ft
    Particle Size: 120 mm 4.72-in
    Power: 110 kw 147 hp
    Revolution (1/min) – 50Hz 590  
    Current (A) – 400V 215  
    Electrical Cable (mm2) 4 x 95  
    Weight: 3500 kg 7716 lbs
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