10-inch Swinging Ladder Dredge

  • 271,000 USD
  • 220607-DL

Built in 1997 and rebuilt/refurbished in 2012, the swing ladder dredger has an overall length of 64-ft 4-in, a transportation width of 11-ft 10-in and an operating width of 18-ft 6-in. Mean draft is 30-in. Max dredging depth is 18-ft and min is 3-ft. The dredge pump has a suction diameter of 12 inches and a discharge of 10 inches. The impeller diameter is 30 inches. The nominal flow is 4,250 GPM @ 230-ft. A new pump shell was replaced in 2014.

Location: State of New Jersey, USA

  Build: 1997/rebuild 2012 / DSC Barracuda
Principal Dimensions and Characteristics
  Length Overall: 64-ft 4-in 19.61 m
  Transportation Width: 11-ft 10-in 3.6 m
  Operating Width: 18-ft 6-in 5.6 m
  Hull Depth: 4-ft 1.2 m
  Mean Draft: 30-in 0.76 m
  Fuel Capacity: 750 gal 198 liters
  Dry Width: 83,000 lbs 37648 kg
Working Capacity
  Min. Dredging Depth: 3-ft 0.91 m
  Max. Dredging Depth: 18-ft 5.5 m
Dredge Pump (new pump shell 2014)
  Suction Diameter: 12-in 304 mm
  Discharge Diameter: 10-in 254 mm
  Impeller Diameter: 32-in 812 mm
  Nominal Flow Rate: 4,250 GPM @ 230-ft  
Dredge Pump Drive (replace in 2018)
  Reduction Gear: Twin Disc Model MG 5114
  Reduction Ratio: 2.54 : 1  
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