1,000 HP Schottel Z-drives reconditioned – 6 available en-block

  • 950,000 EUR
  • 140213-CD

These 6 reconditioned 1,000 HP steerable Schottel Z-drives are Model SRP 505. All equipment has been stored and packed in certified open top containers for direct delivery worldwide.

Located in the Netherlands

Price is for total package – en-block:

Principal Dimensions and Characteristics
  6 Reconditioned Shottel Rudder Propellers SRP 505 Steerable Z-Drives:
    Type: SCHOTTEL SRP 505 Z-Drive Well Mounting
    Max Power Input: 746 kW 1,000 hp
    KW Normal Input Torque: 7,300 kW 9,789 hp
    NM Max RPM Input: 1,650 NM
    RPM Propeller Stem Length: 2.60 mm 0.10 inches
    Steering Type: 2 steering gearboxes with hydraulic motors
  Including: Bronze propeller oil header tank
  6 New Electric-Hydraulic Full Follow up 24 Volt Remote Control Steering Systems:
  Including time dependent emergency steering, basically consisting of:
    Way depending Steering and instrument panel
    Joystick for emergency steering
    Hydraulic Pump
    Hydraulic tank fully equipped
    Rudder position – transmitter box
    Relay box
    System adapter to DP steering according cos/sin
    All electric 24 Volts components wired with numbered strip rows
    All hydraulic components built together on Hydraulic tank
  3 PC New – PTO-Clutches for the Schottel’s SRP505
    Type: BSD- Rexnord Pneumatic dry-plate clutch
    Excluding: Compressor-system to provide air pressure
    Including: Brake to hold the Schottel while sailing Max.
    Torque: 10,000 Nm
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