12-inch Horizontal Cutter Dredge IMS 7012

  • 395,000 USD
  • 220809-DH

IMS model 7012 Horizontal Cutter Dredger. The 7012 HP Versi-Dredge is a one-truck transportable hydraulic dredge ideal for dredging rivers, small ports, canals, lakes, and small beach restoration. The 7012 HP is easy to operate, and its cutterhead design eats away a variety of materials such as sand, gravel, thick mud, light clays, and salt. Dredging depth is 30-ft using Starwheel Drive System and 32.8 usingCable Drive System. Nominal Pump Capacity is1,135 m3/hr. (1,475yds3/hr.). Total Solids Capacity is 284 m3/hr (371 yds3/hr). Runtime: 8,580 hours


  • Pipeline: Approximately 3000’ of 12″ pipe – 56 pieces of 60-ft long each. There are 44 floats – 38 rectangle and 6 donuts.
  • Trailer: 1999 Ledwell 53’ – Has dovetail, winch, and rollers to load and store dredge

Can be purchased en bloc with IMS 1012 Booster Pump #220807-CP

Location: State of Louisiana, USA

Principal Dimensions and Characteristics
  Length Over All: 51-feet 5 inches 15.70 m
  Width: 12-feet 3.66 m
  Height: 10-feet 5-inches 13.20 m
  Working Draft: 35-inches 889 mm
  Dry Weight: 47,700 lbs 21,636 kg
International Shipping Dimensions
  Length with Starwheels ™ Removed 49-feet 2 inches 15 m
  Lenght with Starweel ™ Arms Removed 44-feet 10-inches 13.7 m
  Width: 12-feet 3.66 m
  Height w/ Muffler and Air Cleaner Removed 10-feet 0-inches 13.1 m
  Shipping Weight (est) 47,000 lbs 21,319 kg
  Plus One (1) Standard 20-foot ISO Container    
Dredging Capacities
  Dredging Depth w/ Starwheel Drive System: 30-feet 9.10 m
  Dredging Depth w/ Cable Drive System: 32.8-feet 10 m
  Width of Cut: 135-inches 3,430 mm
  Nominal Depth of Cut: 26-inches 660 mm
Dredge Pump
  Make: Georgia Iron Works (GIW) Cast Iron LCC-M 250-660
  Suction Diameter: 12-inches 305 mm
  Discharge Diameter: 10-inches 254 mm
  Impeller Diameter: 26-inches 660 mm
  Max. Sphere Passage: 5-inches 127 mm
  Speed (variable): 0-760 rpm  
  Performance (Slurry S.G. 1.25) 5,000 gpm @ 125 TDH 315 L/sec @ 38.1 TDH
  Make / Model: John Deere Diesel / Model 6135HF485;
  Type: 6 cylinder 13.5 L
  Horsepower @ 1,900 rpm: 445 hp 332 kW
  Fuel Consumption: 22 gal./hr. 83.3 lit./hr.
  Fuel Tanks Capacity: 400 gal. 1,512 liters
  Self Propelled with IMS Starwheel Drive ™ or Cable System
  Type: Replacable Carbide Steel Teeth
  Cutterbar Diameter 26-inches 660 mm
  Cutterbar Length 135-inches 3,430 mm
  Drive Dual Hydraulic Motors, Direct Drive w/ no gear reduction
  Speed Variable 0 to 60 rpm @2,500 psi
  Cutterhead Torque @ 2500 psi (1,724 bar) 23,885 in-lbs (Peak) 2,969 N-m (Peak)
  Cutterhead Tip Force: 1,837 lbs. 8,171 N
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