12-inch Submersible Pump with Agitators Dragflow HY 300B

  • 110,000 USD
  • 220212-CP

Comes outfitted with a hydraulically driven mechanical agitators, 250 ft of 10 inch fixed HDPE pipe, includes hydraulic power unit and associated controls. Requires misc. riggings and shackles to operate.

Location: State of Oregon, USA

Principal Dimensions and Characteristics
Model: HY 300B (Serial # 2663)
Weight: 3542.6 kg 7810 lbs
Pump Capacity: 19987 LPM  5280 GPM
Pump Head: 25.76 m 84.5-ft
Impeller Diameter: 772 mm 30.4-in
Flanged Bore Size: 304 mm 12-in
Hydraulic Motor Power: 190 kw 255 hp
Hydraulic Motor Speed: 750 rpm  750 rpm
Hydraulic Motor Displacement: 500 cc  30-in
Hydraulic Motor Max. Pressure: 29992 kpa  4350 psi
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