1,300-Tonne, 150-man Lift Barge with DP2

  • 55,000,000 USD
  • 210913-BJ

The platform is defined as a self-propelled Jack-up that is designed as according to a GustoMSC type NG-2500X which mainly designated for operation in worldwide ocean environments with sea water depths up to 70 m at all specified weather and the sea conditions stated in specification at that region. The unit is intended to be used as a basis for maintenance activities in oil and gas fields, and for permanent accommodation.

The prime operational functions of the Unit will be as follows:

  • 1. Maintenance activities in oil and gas fields.
  • 2. For permanent accommodation of 150 persons on board.
  • 3. Wind Turbine Installation, Maintenance and Repair.

The unit is to be designed for 25 moves per year of a period of minimum
20 years. The dynamic positioning system is executed for DPS-2 notation.

Location: Persian Gulf

  Flag: Panama
  Class: A1, Self Elevating Unit, AMS, ACCU, DPS-2, HELIDK, CRC, Wind IMR
Principal Dimensions and Characteristics
  Length main deck: 61 m 79.8-ft
  Length overall: 76 m 99.4-ft
  Width: 36 m 47.0-ft
  Depth: 6 m 7.8-ft
  Distance between leg centers    
    Longitudinal: 37 m 48.4-ft
    Transverse: 28 m 36.6-ft
Legs (4)
  Type: Triangular truss-type, X-braced structure
  Width (center to center): 5 m length 6.5-ft length
  Overall 94.2 m 132.2-ft
  Max Leg reaction at footing level (approx): 3,000 t 3,307 tons
  Footing Area (approx): 30 m2 323-ft2
  Footing Type: Can with pin  
Jacking Systems
  Type: GustoMSC floating, opposed rack and pinion
  Drive: electric, variable speed
  Number of Pinions 3 x 24  
  Jacking Capacity: 90 t per pinion 99 tons per pinion
  Pre-load capacity 153 t per pinion 169 tons per pinion
  Jacking speed, hull lifting 0.16 – 0.8 m/min (stepless)  
  Jacking speed, leg handling 0.16 – 1.2 m/min (stepless)  
Propulsion System
  Thruster: 2 azimuthing thrusters with fixed pitch propeller at the sternM

2 azimuthing thrusters with fixed pitch propeller at the bow

  Size: propeller diameter of thrusters approx 2.3m
  Power: 4 x 1500 kW 4 x 2012 hp
  Dyn. Positioning: DPS-2  
  Design Transit speed: 6 knots  
  General Space: 150 persons (single berth cabins, double berth cabins, four berth cabins)
Helicopter Deck
  Type: S61N/S92  
  Dimensions – Diameter: 22.2 m 29-ft
  Helicopter Refueling System  
    System make/type: Wilmax  
    Fuel storage capacity: 5799 ltrs 1532 gal
    Jettisonable yes
    Fuel transport container: 2  
Crane Specification
  Main Crane Electrical hydraulic power driven
    Make: Huisman  
    Type: PMC 6200-300-53  
    Location: Port Aft  
    Block capacities and hoisting speed: a) Load radius/speed (min. radius) – 300T/8.6m
b) Load radius/speed (min. radius) – 50T/55.6m
    Whip capacity and hoist speed: 29T/60.3m
32 tons/198-ft
    Boom Length (approx): 61.35m 80.2-ft
  Auxiliary crane Electrical power driven  
    Make: Liebherr  
    Type: RL-1500-15 Litronic  
    Location: Starboard  
    Block capacities and hoisting speed: a) Load radius/speed (min. radius) – 15T/4m
b) Load radius/speed (min. radius) – 15T/30m
    Whip capacity and hoist speed: 5T/all radius
5.5 tons/all radius
    Boom Length (approx): 35.53 m 46.47-ft
Design Capacity
  Potable water: 480 m3 126,803 gal
  Fuel Oil: 420 m3 110,925 gal
  Water Ballast: 900 m3 237,755 gal
  Design Draft: 3.8 m 5.0-ft
  Max. Operational Air Gap: 30 m 39.2-ft
  Main Engine: 4 x 1700 kW 4 x 2280 hp
  Em. Engine: 1 x 550 kW 1 x 738 hp
Deck Loading
  Variable Load: 1300t 1443 tons
  Main deck: 10 t/m² for deck plating and stiffeners
5 t/ m² for girders over full length
  Machinery areas: 1t / m2  
  Stores: 2t / m2  
  Free Deck Area: 750 m2 8073-ft2
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