14-inch Submersible Pump Dredge, Electric Drive

  • 500,000 USD
  • 201007-DU

Pontoon mounted submersible pump with cutter suction (HY400 with Power Pack) was built in 2016 in Italy. The dredge pump has a capacity of 1200 m3/h with a head of 42 m. Dredging depth is 25.0 m. Suction diameter is 1015 mm and discharge pipe diameter is 300 mm. Discharge distance is 1000 mm. The cutter motor is a Radial Piston Motor with 36 hp and 0 – 50 RPM cutter speed.

The dredger comes with a power pack, pontoon, HDPE PIPES, Floaters, San Floats, flexible rubber hoses.

Location: India

General Information
    Built: 2016 / Italy  
Principal Dimensions and Characteristics
    Length Over All: 11.0 m 36.09-ft
    Breadth: 5.5 m 18.0-ft
    Depth: 1.2 m 3.93-ft
    Draft Loaded: 0.8 m 2.62-ft
    Weight: 3600 kg 7937 lbs
Main Engine
    Make/Model: Caterpillar / C18 ACERT
    Engine RPM: 2100 RPM  
    Engine Power: 470 kW 630 bhp
    Power Pack: Rexroth  
  Dredge Pump
    Make: Dragflow Hydraulic Sand
Pump / HY400AB
    Head: 42 m 137.8-ft
    Pump Capacity: 1200 m3/h 1569.5 yd3/
    Pump RPM: 750-860  
    Power: 298 kW 400 hp
    Weight: 3600 kg  
    Dredging Depth: 25.0 m 82.0-ft
    Suction Diameter: 1015 mm 39.96-inch
    Discharge Pipe Diameter: 350 mm 13.78-inch
    Discharge Distance: 1000 mm 39.37-inch
    Slurry Capacity: 1000 m3/h 1308 yd3/h
    Solid Production: 20 – 60 %  
  Cutter Motor    
    Type: Radial Piston Motor  
    No. of Cutter: 2 (1 set)  
    Driver: Hydraulic  
    Diameter (each): 700 mm 27.6-inch
    Power: 26.85 kW 36 hp
    Cutter Speed in rpm: 0 – 50 RPM  
    Amount of Blades: 3 blades each  
    Number of Teeth 9 teeth each  
    Manufacturer: Dinamic  
    Winch Pressure: 230 Bar  
    Line Pull: 4500 kg 9920 lbs
    Line Speed: 35 m/min 114.8-ft/min
    Wire Size 18 mm 0.71-inch
    Drive Hydraulic  
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