150-tonne Revolving Crane Vessel w/6-point mooring and Dive Support

  • 2,600,000 USD
  • 200304-BL

Vessel in Lay up condition under regular maintenance program. It can be used purely as a crane ship or as a dive support or used in hook, maintenance and installation works. Heavy Lift Crane Vessel 150t (47.5 x 17m) – present rigged for 120t and 34.5m Boom – 6* point mooring – 3* Diver Mixed Gas system (only 4 years old) – IMCA certified Chamber (Containerized 20ft) – Machinery Container with electric and diesel driven Compressors, UW-Welding and Hydraulic Powerpack – Workshop Container – Aluminum Dive Tender – 2x75hp Mariner Outboard engines (9×2.5m) – built in dive system.

Location: West Africia

  Built Year/Place: 1985  
  Flag: Panamanian  
  Class: PMDS  
Principal Dimensions and Characteristics
  Length: 47.6 m 156-feet
  Beam: 17.0 m 55.8-feet
  Draft – Operational: 2.8 m 9.2-feet
  Draft (Max): 3.0 m 9.8-feet
  Draft – Light Ship: 0.75 m 2.5-feet
  Gross Tonnage: 658  
  Net Tonnage: 192  
  Deadweight: 1060  
  Max Speed: 9 knots  
  Service Speed: 7-8 knots  
  Accommodations: 50 persons  
Crane Characteristics
  Make/Model: 150 ton (rigged for 120 ton)
SKK-1700DT-AS, Total Rotating System
  Rated Power: 470 ps  
  Cylinders: 6  
  RPM: 1800
Model TDCIN 11-26045, ser. No. TY1126056
  Air Compressor: Small sized reciprocating, type GN J5-3
39kg/cm2, 58mmx2x98mm, 3.7kw, 875 RPM
  Crane wires diam: Main SWR D/A 38,35mm
Aux SWR D/A 37,79 mm
Boom D/A 28,75 mm
  Boom Length: 33.5 m 110-feet
  Boom Whipline: 34.5 m 113-feet
  Hook Capacity: 120 Tonness @ 8.3 m 132 Tons @ 27-feet
  Hook Whipline: 30 tonness 33 tons
  Working Radius: 8.3 to 23.1 m 27 to 275.8-feet
  Working Whipline: 9.2 to 25.9 m 30 to 285-feet
  Hoist Speed: 0-6 m/min 0-19.7-feet/min
  Hoist Whipline Speed: 0-25m/min 0-82-feet/min
  Lowering Speed: 6 m/min 19.8-feet/min
  Lowering Whipline Speed: 0-25m/min 0-82-feet/min
  Wire Rope: 36mm dia, 8 Falls 1.25-inch dia, 8 Falls
  Wire Whipline: 28mm dia, 2 Falls 1.1-inch dia, 2 Falls
Barge Hold:
  Deck Cargo Space: 400 m2 478 yd2
  Deck Loading: 10 tonnes/m2 11 tons/m2
Tank Capacities
  Marine Gas Oil: 65 tonnes 72 tons
  Portable Water: 120 tonnes 132.3 tons
  Water Ballast: 374 tonnes 413 tons
  Lube Oil: 1000 Ltrs 1000 Ltrs
Fuel Consumption
  Cruising Mode: 2.5 tonnes/day 2.75 tons/day
  On Anchor Pattern: 0.6 tonnes/day 0.66 tons/day
  Lube Oil:

16 ltrs/day (avg)

16 ltrs/day (avg)
Water Maker
  Make/Model: Selmar-Atlantic-SW700, serial no. 3051
  Fresh water production: Up to 16 tonnes/day Up to 17.6 tons/day
DDC-Dive Control Container
  Type: 60” Air Dive Chamber ADC 2011/101
  Built: 2011
  Built By:

Shreeji Engineering

  Inspected by: M/S Bureau Veritas
  Rules Code: ASME SEC. VIII DIV. 1-1ED 2008
  Capacity: 6762 ltrs 1786 gals
  MFG. Sr. No.: SE-757
  Content fluid: Air
  Material of construction: SS316
  Design pressure: 135/1.055 kg/cm² (g)
  Radiography: 100%
  Corrosion allowance: 1.0 mm 0.04-inch
  Test pressure: 212 kg/cm² (g)
  Weight empty: 2860 kg 6305 lbs
  Full of water: 9622 kg 21,213 lbs
Diving Compressor No: 1 – Diesel Bauer HP Compressor
  Manufacture: Norfolk Virginia USA Date of manufacture: 05/2002
  Model No: K10-D/A Block no: B/5610/01
  Max Pressure: ~5000 PSIG Capacity: 8.5 CFM
  Charge rate: 10.2 CFM Motor: 10 HP
Diving Compressor No. 2 – Electric/3 phase L&W (Lenhardt & Wagner) HP Compressor
  Manufacture: Germany 2012
  Model No: LW 570E
  Max Pressure: 225 bar Charging
  Charge rate: 20.1 cfm Power: 15 kW
  Speed: 1060 rpm
Non-Containerised Units –
Diving Compressor No. 3 – Diesel
L&W (Lenhardt & Wagner) HP Compressor
  Manufacture: Germany 2005
  Model No: LW 450D
  Max Pressure: 225
  Charge Capacity: 15.9 cfm
  Speed: 980 rpm
  Power: 11 kW
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