150-tonne Self-Propelled Revolving Crane Barge

  • 200910-BL

The floating crane can lift loads up to 150 mt, transport them on water and precisely position them. The crane is more flexible than mobile or port cranes in the handling of heavy and/or oversized cargo. Due to the floating cranes, waterside operations do not stain the quay. On the cranes’ cargo, loads can be stowed and transported over longer distances before safely being offloaded at their destination.

Location: Europe

  Built Year / Place: 1961 / Germany
  Hull Material: steel
  Flag: Germany
  Class Society and Notation: SUK
Principal Dimensions and Characteristics
  Length OA: 40.40 m 132.5-ft
  Breadth: 22.95 m 75.0-ft
  Depth: 4.5 m 14.8-ft
  Draft: 2.75 m 9-ft
  Deck cargo area: 20 x 15 m 65.6 x 49-ft
Machinery & Propulsion
  Main Engine: 2 x MAN Type D2542 MTE
  Main Propulsion System:

2 x 650 PS IHP Schottel

  Propellers: 2  
  Lift Capacity: 150 tonnes 165 tons
  Support Hook 1: 30 tonnes 33 tons
  Support Hook 2: 10 tonnes 11 tons

Weight, Maximum Outreach from Frontside, Max Liffting Height from Deck

    Approx. 50 t Approx. 17,60 m Approx. 28 m
Approx. 60 t Approx. 17,20 m Approx. 29 m
Approx. 70 t Approx. 16,70 m Approx. 30 m
Approx. 80 t Approx. 16,10 m Approx. 31 m
Approx. 90 t Approx. 15,40 m Approx. 32 m
Approx. 100 t Approx. 14,60 m Approx. 33 m
Approx. 110 t Approx. 13,80 m Approx. 35 m
Approx. 120 t Approx. 12,30 m Approx. 38 m
Approx. 130 t Approx. 10,70 m Approx. 39 m
Approx. 140 t Approx. 9 m Approx. 40 m
Approx. 150 t Approx. 7,30 m Approx. 41,5 m
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