16-inch Cutter Suction Dredger, DSC Model 750

  • 650,000 USD
  • 170613-DB

This listing is for a 16-inch Cutter Suction Dredger, DSC Model 750 that was built in 1993. Overall the dredge is in very good conditions, it has been used for only one project and the original owner from which it was purchased used it for a very short period of time on very loose sand to maintain a marina and then the dredge spent a couple years simply on standby in their yard. The main engine has been recently overhauled, it only needs mandatory oil and filter changes. The hydraulic system is currently under maintenance, the pontoons are in excellent condition and the winches are working properly.

Location: Mexico

Principal Dimensions and Characteristics
  Length Overall: 26 m 85.3 feet
  Length Between Perpendiculars: 15.20 m 50 feet
  Length (including cutterhead): 15 m 49 feet
  Beam (including pontoons): 6 m 20 feet
  Draft: 0.60 m 2 feet
  Minimum Dredging Depth: 1.50 m 5 feet
  Maximum Dredging Depth: 12 m 39.4 feet
  Dead Weight: 60 tonnes
  Spud Length: 12 m 39.4 feet
  Spud Weight: 3 tonnes
  Make/Model: Caterpillar / 3412
  Power @ 2100 RPM: 503 kW 675 hp
  Engine was rebuilt about 400 running hours ago
Dredge Pump
  Make/Model: Thomas Simplicity / A-1228 N3
  Dimensions: 14 inch x 16 inch 356 mm x 406.4 mm
  Discharge Diameter: 406.4 mm 16 inches
  Suction Diameter: 406.4 mm 16 inches
  Length: 0.90 m 3 feet
  Beam: 1.00 m 3.3 feet
  Power: 67 kW 90 hp
  Lateral Pontoons (2)
    Length: 15.20 m 50 feet
    Width: 1.53 m 5.01 feet
  Central Pontoon (1)
    Length: 12 m 39.4 feet
    Width: 3.05 m 10 feet
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