16 yd Clamshell Sand Mining and Processing Dredge

  • 2,555,000 USD
  • 201204-DG

Dredger has a 50 ton trolley hoist with a 16 yd electro-hydraulic bucket with 150 hp motor. Dredging depth of 200-ft. Hopper has automated feed gates to two main screens – TFO-261 double deck 6’x16′ Diester vibrating screens. Operators control room with Siemens-Toshiba electric controls and equipment including PLC and on board transformers. The dredge is dismountable.

Location: state of Missouri, USA

Principal Dimensions and Characteristics
  Length Overall: 32 m 105-ft
  Breadth: 15 m 50-ft
  Depth: 2.44 m 8-ft
  Bucket: 16 yd electro-hydraulic bucket with 150 hp motor
  Trolley Hoist Digging Depth: 60.96 m 200-ft
  Trolley Hoist: 45 T 50 ton
  Anchor Winches – 4 x capacity for 600-ft of 3/4″ cable
  Extreme duty cycle gantry and trolley
  Grizzly and oversize chute
  Hopper with automated feed gates
  Two main screens – TFO-261 double deck 6’x16′ Diester vibrating screens
Fine Recovery System and Silt Pumps
  Four model 2600 cyclones
  2 x 12″x10″ Metso sand pumps
  2 x 12″x10″ Metso silt pumps
  1 x 10″x8″ Metso freshwater pump
  2 x 7’x14′ CFS dewatering screens
Motor Outputs
  Hoisting and Lowering: 559 kw 750 hp
  Hoist Brakes: 2 x 1.5 kw 2 x 2 hp
  Trolley Travel: 4 x 5.6 kw 4 x 7.5 hp
  Bucket: 112 kw 150 hp
  Hydraulic: 56 kw 75 hp
  Dewatering Screen: 2 x 30 kw 2 x 40 hp
  Fine Sand Pumps: 2 x 149 kw 2 x 200 hp
  Silt Pumps: 2 x 112 kw 2 x 150 hp
  Fresh Water Pumps: 1 x 112 kw 1 x 150 hp
  Sand Dewatering: 2 x 7.5 kw 2 x 10 hp
  Winches: 4 x 7.5 kw 4 x 10 hp
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