18-inch (450 mm) Cutter Suction Dredger (CSD)

  • 805,000 EUR
  • 220306-DB

The IHC Beaver 1200 C Cutter Suction Dredger was built in 2004. Prime mover is a Caterpillar 3508 (Top End 2020 ) with 620 kW. The engine has 37,000 working hours. The dredge pump is a 2016 IHC-1100-200-400. Aux power is a Caterpillar 3306 overhauled in 2019. It has 4,000 hrs. Max dredging depth is 10 m and can be increased to 12.5 m with ladder extension.

All winches have independent hydraulic drive. The two swing winches are supplied with wires of about 100m and anchors of 360kg. All parts are with dimensions to allow the IHC Beaver 1200 to be transported by road, rail or sea. The dredger is equipped with a rapid connection-disconnection system for the pontoons. Various components are mounted in or on the main pontoon, including the cutter ladder, two swing winches, ladder hoisting winch, control cabin, dredge pump, diesel engines and auxiliary power units, discharge line and the spuds with cylinders.

Location: Latvia

  Build: 2004
  Flag: Latvia
  Class: Latvijas Juras Administracija
BV Class1, Hull dredger coastal area
Principal Dimensions and Characteristics
  Length overall: 26.30 m 86.3-ft
  Length over pontoon: 16.50 m 54.1-ft
  Breadth: 6.69 m 22-ft
  Depth: 1.87 m 6.14-ft
  Draft mean with full bunkers: 1.25 m 4.1-ft
  Prime Mover: Caterpillar 3508 (Top End 2020 )
    Hours on Mover: 37,000
    Mover Power: 620 kW 831 hp
  Dredge Pump: 2016 IHC-1100-200-400
    Year Installed: 2016
  Auxiliary Power: Caterpillar 3306
    Hours: 4,000  
    Year: Major Overhaul with long block replacement 2019 Y
  Dredging Depth (max): 10.00 m 32.8-ft
  Dredging Depth (max by ladder extension): 12.50 m 41-ft
  Discharge Diameter Pipe: 450 mm 18-in
  Discharge Diameter of discharge line 500 mm 19.7-in
  Diameter: 457 mm 18-in
  Length for 10m dredging depth: 14 m 46-ft
  Length for 12.5m dredging depth: 17 m 55.8-ft
Additional Parts and Equipment
  Ladder Extender for dredging works up to 12.5m 1SET

Floating pipeline PE pipe 500mm OD with flanges about 400m
Boll joint 500mm with rubber expansion pipe L= 2000mm 1SET
Dredge pump Cover 1pcs
Elbow pipe 90 degrees, 450mm ID 1pcs
Intermediate pipe 600m, 450mm ID 1pcs

Rubber expansion pipe L=1300mm, 450mm ID 1pcs NEW
Rubber expansion pipe L=2000mm, 450mm ID 1pcs
Rubber compensation joint, 450mm ID, L=200mm 1PCS NEW
Seals and gaskets for spud hoisting cylinders, gearbox, dredge pump etc.
Hydraulic cartridge Vickers 1pcs
Proportional solenoid valve for ladder winch 1pcs
Three part clamb ring w130 for cutter drive 3pcs
Some any other spares on board.
Long spud poles
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