18-inch Floating Booster Pump

  • 775,000 USD
  • 200112-CP

This 18-inch (457 mm) Booster Pump is mounted on floating pontoons. The pontoons measure 10 m x 6 m. The booster has been used on one job and run around 1500 hours. It is in good working condition and well maintained. The slurry capacity is 3500 m3/hr and has a discharge distance of 2000 m.

Location: Turkey

Principal Dimensions and Characteristics
    Length: 10 m 32.8-feet
    Width: 6 m 19.7-feet
    Depth: 2 m 6.56-feet
    Model/Make: DG 600x450M
    Discharge Diameter: 457 mm 18 inches
    Slurry Capacity: 3500 m3/hr 4577 yd3/hr
    Discharge Distance: 2000 m 6,561-feet
Main Engine:
    Make/Model: Cummins KTA 38
    Power: 895 kW 1200 hp
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