20-inch Cutter Suction dredger, IHC Beaver 1600

  • 800,000 USD
  • 171104-DB

This 20-inch Cutter Suction dredger, IHC Beaver 1600 was built in Holland in 2000. The IHC Beaver is well known for its robust construction, reliable operation and excellent performance. Among the salient features of the vessel are the compact dredge pump drive incorporating a reduction gearing with integrated pump bearing, and a fresh water engine cooling system by means of well cooling. Mounted on the main pontoon are the cutter ladder, two swing winches, ladder hoisting winch control cabin, dredge pump, diesel engines and auxiliary machinery and the spuds with their actuating rams. The portside pontoon carries the discharge line and deck-crane.

Location: Vietnam

Principal Dimensions and Characteristics
  Year Built: 2000
  Length Over All (Ladder Raised): 33.20 m 109-feet
  Length Over Pontoons: 22 m 72-feet
  Beam: 7.95 m 26-feet
  Depth: 2.46 m 8-feet
  Hull Draft: 1.50 m 5-feet
  Dry Weight (Approximate): 150 tonnes
Dredging Capacities
  Max. Dredging Depth: 14 m 46-feet
  Swing Width @ Minimum Dredging Depth: 38 m 125-feet
  Swing Width @ Maximum Dredging Depth: 30 m 98-feet
Dredge Pump
  Make / Model: IHC / 1250-275-500
  Power @ 467 RPM: 835 kW 1,140 hp
  Dredge Pump Engine:
    Make/Model: Caterpillar / 3512 DI-TA
    Power @1600 RPM: 876 kW 1,195 hp
    Fuel Consumption: 207 g / kW / hour
  Suction Diameter: 550 mm 22-inches
  Discharge Diameter: 500 mm 20-inches
Auxiliary Engine
  Make/Model: Caterpillar / 3406 DI-TA
  Power @ 1800 RPM: 300 kW 408 hp
  Fuel Consumption: 195 g / kW / hour
  Cooling: Well Cooling
Electric Installation
  Voltage: 24 V
  Capacity: 400 Ah
  Voltage: 220 / 380 V AC 50 Hz
  Capacity: 12.5 kVA
  Make/Model: IHC / 1455-170, 5 bladed with serrated edges
  Power: 170 kW 230 hp
  Speed (Maximum): Approx. 30 RPM
  Cutter Diameter: 1,455 mm 57-inches
Deck Crane    
  Lifting Power: 30 kN    
  Outreach: 3.25 m 11-feet    
  Diameter: 559 mm 22-inches
  Length: 18.5 m 61-feet
  Weight: 5,250 kg 11,574-pounds
Spud Hoisting Ram
  Force: 254 kN
  Ram Stroke: 2.10 m 7-feet
  Spud Stroke: 3.35 m 11-feet
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