20-inch Ellicott 1870 Cutter Suction Dredge

  • 2,389,000 USD
  • 160707-DB

This 20-inch Ellicott 1870 Cutter Suction Dredge is a medium/large size dredge that is portable and truckable to an inland location. Through the use of two large diesel engines, the production rate is quite high for a portable dredge.

The 1870 is able to dredge up to 15 m deep, allowing it to work in major shipping channels. Typical uses of the 1870 are river, port and harbor dredging, and land reclamation. It is also highly capable of working in a coastal area.

Located in Haiti

Principal Dimensions and Characteristics
  Year of Build: 2009
  Classification Society: BV (Bureau Veritas)
  Length Over All: 35.00 m 115 feet
  Beam: 30.00 m 98 feet
  Depth 4.10 m 13 feet
  Gross Tonnage: 1,197 tonnes
  Legs: 60.00 m 197 feet
  Mooring: 6 Point Mooring
  Line Pull: 30 tons
  Anchor: 5 tonne Flipper Delta Anchor
  Ancillary equipment available upon request.
  Specifically designed for 300 – 600 tonne Cranes or Favco Towet Crane.
Life Saving Equipment
  Rescue Boat: 1
  Life Raft: 1
  Number accommodated by both: 25
  Life Buoys: 5
  Life Jackets: 44
Communication Equipment
  VHF Radio Installation:
    DSC encoder
    DSC watch receiver
  MF Radio Installation:
    DSC encoder
    DSC watch receiver
  Secondary means of alerting
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