200-tonne Ravestein Jack Up Barge

  • 3,000,000 EUR
  • 200307-BJ

The platform consists of multiple pontoons (16 units), each with outer measurements of a standard 40’ sea-container. The two outer pontoons are each with two legs wells and connections lugs for the hydraulic lifting system. The lifting system mainly consists of four legs, four removable hydraulic lifting systems, a power system and a control panel. The modular construction makes the platform suitable for road transportation.

Dimensions of the platform vary depending on the configuration of the modules. The units are linked for normal operation. They can be disconnected and reconnected when they are afloat.

Location: Black Sea

  Built Year/Place: 2004 / Netherlands

RS (KE) R3 class

Principal Dimensions and Characteristics
  Length: 24.37 m 80-feet
  Width: 17.3 m 56.8-feet
  Depth: 2.438 m 8-feet
  Maximum Deck Load: 2.5 tonne/m2 2.75 ton/yd2
  Gross Tonnage: 259 285.5
Spuds (4)
  Length (each): 36.0 m 118-feet
  Climbing Speed (approx): 0.40 m/min 1.3-feet/min
  Return Speed (approx): 1.2 m/min 4-feet/min
  Lifting Speed (approx): 0.27 m/min 0.9-feet/min
Lifting Platform is designed to withstand conditions
  Water-Depth: -24.0 + 1.25 m  
  Penetration (max): 2.00 m 6.56-feet
  Air-gap: 2.00 m 6.56-feet
  Wave Height: 0.50 m 1.64-feet
  Wave Length (approx.): 40 m 131-feet
  Current: 2 knots 2 knots
  Lift Capacity: 200 tonne 220 ton
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