2,200-tonne Floating A-frame Crane Luffing Type

  • 20,410,000 USD
  • 220600-BL

Built in 2014 in Korea, the floating crane barge is registered in Panama. It has a GT of 9205 Ton and NT of 2361 Ton. The max lifting capacity if 2,200 Ton with 2 JIB Luffing Type. Lift Height from deck is 87 m with a boom angle of 65 degrees.Outreach from bow is 29.3 m. Main Hook is 4 x 550 Ton with aux. hooks of 2 x 200 Ton.

Location: Kuwait

Built: 2014, Korea
Classification: KR
Registration: Panama
Principal Dimensions and Characteristics
Length: 86.43 m 284-ft
Breadth: 45 m 147.6-ft
Depth: 7 m 23-ft
GT/NT: 9205/2361 10,147/2603 tons
Max. Lifting Capacity: 2,200 Ton
(2 JIB Luffing Type)
2425 tons
Lifting Height (From Deck): 87 m
(Boom Angle 65.0 deg)
Outreach (From Bow): 29.3 m 96-ft
Main Hook: 4 x 550 Ton 4 x 606 tons
Aux. Hook: 2 x 200 Ton 2 x 220 tons
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