25,000 m3 Sand Carrier / Conveyor Unloading, Suction Loading

  • 16,000,000 USD
  • 230500-BC

This ship is a self-priming and self-unloading sand ship propelled by a stern model, twin engines, twin propellers, twin rudders, and diesel engines; There are four deckhouses at the rear. The six cargo holds are arranged in the cargo area. This ship is a cargo ship that uses its own belt conveyor to unload granular bulk cargo such as sand. Its overall length is 170.46 m, beam is 26 m and depth 10 m. GT/NT is 12501/7000. Sail power is 2 x 3300 hp, suction power is 9000 hp and conveyor power is 3000 hp.

Location: China

General Information
    Built: 2022
    Flag: China
    Class: China ZC
Principal Dimensions and Characteristics
    Length Over All: 170.46 m 560-ft
    Beam: 26 m 85-ft
    Depth: 10 m 32.8-ft
    Draft: 7.05 m 23-ft
    Max Dredging Depth: 75 m 246-ft
    GT/NT: 12501/7000 13,780/7716 tons
Engines and Machinery
  Engines (Self Sail)    
    Make: Guangchai
    Power: 2 x 2460 kW 2 x 3300 hp
  Suction Main Engine    
    Make: Finland Wartsila
    Power: 7084 kW 9500 hp
    Make: Hyunda
    Power: 2237 kW 3000 hp
    Belt Width: 2.5 m 8.2-ft
    Design Capacity: 18000 T 19841 tons
    Diameter: 1.2 m 4-ft
    Flow Rate: 10,000 m3/hr 13080 yd3/hr
    Suction Ability: 18,000 ton /1.5 hr 19841 tons/1.5 hr
    Discharge Ability: 18,000 ton / hr 19841 tons/ hr
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