3-inch Remote Controlled Crisafulli dredger

  • 88,000 USD
  • 201105-DH

Remote controlled dredger with horizontal auger. Operates in a cable enviroment and can be partially or fully automated. The FLUMP (floating lagoon pumper) are simple to operate, and easy to transport. The dredge operator isn’t exposed to potentially hazardous dredged materials. Remote control is user friendly and works in rain. Pontoons are 4.27 m (14-ft). Total weight is 3900 lbs (1769 kg).

Location: State of Nevada, USA

Principal Dimensions and Characteristics
  Flotation (Pontoon): Foam Filled Polyethylene
  Frame: A-36 mild steel
  Length: 4.27 m 14-ft
  Width: 2.44 m 8-ft
  Height: 1.75 m 5.75-ft
  Total Weight: 1769 kg 3900 lbs
Dredge Performance
  Dredge Depth: 3.04 m 10-ft
  Flow: 1892 L/min @11.58 m 500 GPM @ 38-ft (water)
  Pressure 19.5 m @ shutoff 64-ft @ shutoff
  Size: 76.2 mm S-Series 3-inch S-Series
  Type: Centrifugal vertical direct drive
  Motor: 25 hp, TEFC, 1750 RPM, 230/460 VAC
  Discharge Diameter male NPT: 102 mm 4-inch
  Adapter: 4-inch NPT – 4-inch male Ringlock
  Max. Spherical Solid Size: 38.1 mm 1.5-inch
Pump Material of Construction
  Volute: AR-400 abrasion resistant alloy
  Impeller: AR-400 abrasion resistant alloy
  Impeller Shaft: Stress proof alloy  
  Pump Frame: A-36 mild carbon steel
  Shaft Coupling: Flexible 3-piece
Hoist Winch
  Gear Motor  
    Type: Fixed Speed  
    Drive Motor: 3/4 hp (.56 Kw), TEFC, 230/460 VAC with brake and hand release (failsafe)
    Output Speed: 18 RPM  
    Torque: 2630 lb. in max (297 Nm)  
    Line Pull: First wrap 1830 lbf
  Type: Horizontal opposing auger  
  Width: 1.37 m 4.5-feet
  Depth: 381 mm 15-inch
  Drive Motor: Hydraulic high torque  
  Support Bearing: Water Lubricated  
  Torque: 5577 lb in max.  
  Speed: 51 RPM Nominal  
  Material of Construction
    Auger: A-36 mild carbon steel  
    Shroud: A-36 mild carbon steel  
    Tires: Hardened plow steel  
  Radio remote control to the control panel
  Increase traverse system width to 250′ wide
  Increase power cable length to 575′
  Pipe, Float, 4″, Alum/Foam 15′, w/QC
  Tubing, 4″ x 5′ w/QC
  Pipe, Float, 6″, Alum/Foam 15′, w/QC
  Tubing, 6″ x 5′, w/QC
  4″ Wafer flange style knife gate valvue
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