30-inch Cutter Suction Dredgers

  • 4,435,000 USD
  • 130201-DB

These (2) two Cutter Suction Dredgers were built in March, 2010. Their Classification Society is CCS (China Classification Society). They are both ready for inspection and delivery.

Located in China

Price for Dredgers (each): USD $ 4,435,000

Principal Dimensions and Characteristics
  Year Built:      2010
  Classification Society / Class:                 CCS (China Classification Society)
  Length Over All: 70 m 230 feet
  Hull Length: 48 m 157 feet
  Hull Width: 12 m 39 feet
  Hull Depth: 3.3 m 11 feet
  Mean Draft: 1.6 m 5.2 feet
  Dredging Depth: 12 m 39 feet
  Discharge Distance: 3,000 m 9,842 feet
  Light Ship Weight: approx. 550 – 600 tonnes
  Accommodation: Beds for 16 seaman (Acoustic Treatment),Kitchen, Bathroom,etc.
Inboard Dredging Pump  
  Make/Model: Jiangsu HUAXIA (made in China)
  Type: Warmam technology in Australia
  Water Flow: 8,500 cubic meters/hr 11,118 cubic yards/hr
  Inner diameter of Suction: 800 mm 31 inches
  Inner diameter of Discharge: 750 mm 30 inches
  Lift head: 75 m 246 feet
Main Engine
  Make/Model: Niigata / 8MG28HX (Year produced, 2000)
  Power @ 750 RPM 2,427 kW 3,300 hp
Auxiliary Engines for Hydraulic System and Generators       
  Auxiliary Engine (#1):
    Make/Model: Caterpillar / C18 Acert
    Power: 447 kW 600 hp
  Auxiliary Engine (#2):
    Make/Model: Cummins / NTA855
    Power: 186 kW 250 hp
  Auxiliary Engine (#3):
    Make/Model: Shanghai / 6135D
    Power: 224 kW 300 hp
  Auxiliary Engine (#4):
    Make/Model: 12V280ZC/D
    Power @ 1,000 RPM 373 kW 500 hp
Harbor Engine Generator Set  
  Make/Model: Shanghai / 6135
  Power: 56 kW 75 hp
  When Parked For the whole dredger Power source
Cutter Head       
  Cutter Diameter: 2.56 m 8.4 feet
  Input/Output Cutter Power: 1,050 kw/840 kw 1,408 hp / 1,126 hp
  High manganese steel material
  Cutter Blade: 5 Pieces, Cutter teeth replaced Easily
  Cutter Speed: 0-36 RPM, International Standard
  Cutter Drivers: Hydraulic Motor
Bridge Hydraulic Winch      
  1 set, Rated pull force: 500KN, speed: 0~2- m/min., with 1 set full closed blocks – Electromotor Drivers
Crab Winch      
  2 sets, Rated pull force: 450KN, speed: 0~2- m/min., with 2 sets full closed cross blocks – Electromotor Drivers
Spuds (2 sets)      
  Spud Diameter: 1,200 mm 47 inches
  Spud Length: 30m/set 98 feet/set
Cantilever Crane      
  50 mt SWL: 80KNx8m
  Power: 180 kW 241 hp
Operation System      
  Spray Painting Technology: 3 Layer Spray Painting, Prevent Corrosion
  Fire Fighting Equipment: Fire extinguishers, fire hydrant
  Life-saving Equipment: Life jackets, life buoy, life raft
  Communication Equipment: VHF, Walkie-talkie
  Monitoring Equipment: Remote Monitoring
  Operation Room: PLC Console, Special Seat for driver and air conditioning Etc.
Auxiliary Equipment      
  Two general service pumps
  Two bilge pumps
  Fuel oil separator
  Two ballast pumps
  Three lubrication oil pumps
  Working air compressor
  Oily water separator (15 p.pm)
  Fire pumps
  Two fuel oil transfer pumps
  Two lubricating oil separators
  Two fans for engine room port side and starboard side
  Two daily drinking water high pressure pumps
  Three fresh water pumps for engine cooling
  Three Sea water pumps for engine cooling
  Two fans for pump room
Hydraulic Pump Station      
  Alarm device for oil level and oil temperature in oil tank, and displayed in the controlling room
  Oil drain hole and manhole in oil tank
  Hydraulic pump is driven by diesel generator, while supporting pump by electricity
  Control panel
  Switches and movement display
  Winch’s speed adjustment device
  System hydraulic display
  Hydraulic system alarm
  GPS navigation system
  VHF FM Marine Mobile Radio
  Navigation light equipment 220V 50HZ and 24V
  (double complete water tide 55c IP55)
Control Main Engines and Alarm System      
  Control dredger (auto – manual) system
  Steering gear control (auto – manual) system with emergency
  Fire alarm system (auto -test manual)
  a- Fuel oil tanks
  b- Fresh water tanks
  c- Lubrication oil tanks
  d- Ballast tanks
  e- Dirty oil tanks
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