300 mm (12-inch) Submersible Pump, Damen DOP 3025

  • 143,000 USD
  • 190802-CP

This Damen 3025 is a hydraulically driven, submersible dredge pump with wear resistant pump parts. Maximum working depth for the standard executed DOP pump is -40 mteres.

A protective casing, made of steel, is surrounding the dredge pump and drive. The hydraulic motors and gearbox are suitable for continuous operation under and above water level.The hydraulic oil has to be cooled by means of a cooler on the power pack. Power pack DHP 410 power pack.

Location: Mexico, Gulf Side

Principal Dimensions and Characteristics
  Pump Make/Model: Damen / DOP 3025
  Max. Pump Speed: 700 rpm  
  Max. power at shaft: 250 kW 335 hp
  Max. mixture capacity: 1400 m3/h 1831 yd3/h
Jet Water
  Discharge connection: 150 mm 6 in
  Capacity: 200-350 m³/hr 260-457 yd³/hr
  Flange dimensions: O.D. 285 mm; PCD 240 mm O.D. 11.2 in; PCD 9.4 in
Dredge Pump
  Suction bore: 300 mm 12 in
  Discharge piping: 300 mm 12 in
  Max. spherical passage: 155 mm 6.1 in
  Hydraulic: 4,100 kg 9,039 lbs
  Electric: 5,300 kg 11,685 lbs
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