360-tonne Floating Revolving Crane with Notch Tug

  • 6,500,000 USD
  • 121134-BL

This multi use crane ship consists of two parts – the main ship which is the crane ship and the pushing ship and they were both built in 1997.

The Crane ship is equipped with a crane the lifting capacity of maximum 360 tonnes, maximum boom length of 61.62 m and has space of 21.5 m x 26.2 m which has a loadable capacity of approximately 2,500 tonnes. She is also equipped with a 5.0 m3 orange bucket for carrying out dredging works.

The Pushing ship has a maximum speed of 13.5 knots per hour and a pushing speed of 10.5 knots per hour and she is equipped with proper machinery engine parts and ship operation control system to be able to push the crane ship for sailing. The ships Class is Cambodia and the Navigation Region is Sea along the coast.

Located in Korea

Principal Dimensions and Characteristics
Crane Ship
  Year Built:      1997
  Hull Structure:
  Length Over All: 60.00 m 197 feet
  Beam: 24.00 m 79 feet
  Depth: 3.40 – 4.00 m 11 – 13 feet
  Dead Weight: 2,500 tonnes
  Living Area: Crew rooms – 7 rooms, Dining room, meeting room, spare room, unit Bath, Flush toilet etc.
  Safety Function: Oil fence 240 m hangar, Bathway under deck, Rope fence with in crane slewing, Hangar type stairs
  for moving to other ships.
  Hydraulic 15 tonne 4 unit
Side Thrusters         
  Masumi / STE-130-790 – 2.5 tonnes 1 unit
  Yanma – 300 KVA 1 unit
  Yanma – 60 KVA 1 unit
  Make/Model: Sumitomo / SF3000HD
  Max. Lifting Weight: 360 tonnes
  Max. Boom Length: 61.62 m 202 feet
  Major/Auxiliary: 105 m/min
  Hoisting Speed: 1.4 RPM
  Main Engine (Make/Model): Mitsubishi Heavy Industries / S12A2-MPT
  Power @ 2,100 RPM 656 kW 880 hp
  Bucket Capacity (line pull): 30 tonnes
  Max. Boom Length: 28.10 m 92 feet
  Orange Bucket: 5.0 cubic meters 6.5 cubic yards
  Mitsubishi Nagasaki Machinery: 15 tonnes
  Drum: 3 Drums
  Working Lamp: 1 kW (1.3 hp) Mercury Lamp – 6 Lamps
  Below House Lamp: 5 Lamps
Pusher Tug       
  Year Built:      1997
  Hull Structure:
  Length Over All: 23.95 m 79 feet
  Length Between Perpendicular: 18.50 m 61 feet
  Beam: 7.50 m 25 feet
  Depth: 3.17 m 10 feet
  Gross tonnage: 95 tonnes
  Speed (Max.):     13.5 knots
  Speed (cruising): 12.0 knots
  Pushing Speed: 10.5 knots
  Classification Society / Notation:                 Cambodia / Navigation Region Sea along the coast
  Living area: Crew room – 5 rooms, Dining room, Bath, Flushing toilet.
Pushing Equipment       
  Pushing Ship Linking Equipment     FD-28 Type Hydraulic
  Tugging Winch: Hydraulic – 1 unit
Main Engine
  Make/Model: Yanma / M220EN
  Power @ 800 RPM 895 kW 1,200 hp
Main Generator
  Make/Model: Yanma
  Output: 50 KVA
Auxiliary Generator
  Make/Model: Yanma
  Output: 15 KVA
Navigation & Communication Equipment
  Radar – 2 units
  GPS Plotter – 1 unit
  Color Depth measuring equipment – 1 unit
  Fax for ship – 1unit
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