4-inch Diesel Booster Pump 118-hp

  • 81,760 USD
  • 220616-CP

The 4-inch Diesel Booster Pump has a 118-hp John Deere Engine. It has 96 gallon fuel cell. The engine has liquid cooled, 12 Volt Power-in-Line 4 cycle Turbo Charge. The Pump has a min flow of 250 GPM and max flow of 1200 GPM. Discharge size is 4-in and suction size is 6-in. Solid handling up to 3-in. Max speed is 1800 RPM.

Features include Over the Road Light Package, 6k Single Axle Trailer with 16 inch 10 ply trailer tires, Three position 2-5/16 HD Hitch Integrated Lifting Bail with Dual 8k leveling jacks and Work Light, Flow Gauge & 4-D Ring Tie.

Location: State of South Carolina, USA

    Min Flow: 250 GPM  
    Max Flow: 1200 GPM  
    Head Range: Up to 200-ft  
    Discharge Size: 4-in 101.6 mm
    Suction: 6-in 152.4
    Solid Handling: Up to 3-in Up to 76.2 mm
    Max Speed: 1800 RPM  
    Percent Solids: Up to 40-70%  
    Make/Model John Deere Diesel
    Power: 118 hp 88 kW
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