4-inch Horizontal Cutter Dredge, Model VMI MDE-415HN

  • 78,000 USD
  • 210920-DH

Built in 1992 with dual hydraulic pump drive – direct from engine. Dredging debt is 15-ft. Cutter diameter is 16-in with a width of 8-ft 6-in. Pump suction and discharge diameters are 4-in. Pump capacity is variable to 1000 GPM @ 130’ Head (Water @ 68 degrees F) @1750 RPM. The dredge has a length of 32-ft 6-in, a width of 9-ft and weights 15,000 lbs. Pontoons are made of 12 Gauge steel with internal bulkheads and stiffeners, formed for rigidity and corofoam filled. Hour meter shows 2644 Hours since last overhaul.

Location:  Canada

  Built Date/Location: 1992 VMI MDE-415HN
Principal Dimensions and Characteristics
  Length: 9.9 m 32-ft 6-in
  Height with Cab: 2.44 m 8-ft
  Width: 2.74 m 9-ft
  Draft: 0.56 m 22-in
  Weight: 6804 kg 15000 lbs
  Fuel Capacity: 606 ltrs 160 gals
  Diameter: 0.41 m 16-in
  Width: 2.6 m 8-ft 6-in
  Speed: 0-120 RPM variable – forward and reverse
  Torque: 4000 In. Lbs Peak @ 7000 in. Lbs
  Dredging Depth: 4.57 m 15-ft
  Main Engine    

Cummins 6 BT5.9

    Power (@ 2500RPM): 90 kW 121 hp

Dual hydraulic pump drive – Direct from engine

  Type: Hi-Chrome, centrifugal, recessed impeller
  Impeller: 330 mm 13-in
  Suction: 101.6 mm 4-in
  Discharge: 101.6 mm 4-in
  Capacity: Variable to 1000 GPM @ 130’ Head (Water @ 68 degrees F) @1750 RPM
Hydraulic System:
  Type: Sunstrand
  Pumps: Variable Displacement, axial piston
  Motors: Fixed Displacement
  Capacity: Total, 80 GPM @ 2200 RPM
  Reservoir: 170.34 ltrs 45 gals
Relief Settings
  Cutter Head: 3000 PSI
  Accessories: 3000 PSI
  Centrifugal Pump: 4000 PSI
  Boom: 1500 PSI
Additional Information
  Propulsion: Treble Sheave hydraulic winch
  Traverse Speed:

Variable – 0-50 FPM


Average Cutting Speed:

5-15 FPM


Electrical System:

42 Amp Alternator with 12V HD Battery

  Cab includes: Oil pressure, Temperature, Voltmeter, Hydraulic Pressure, Oil Temp, Hour meter, Pump pressure, and All circuit hydraulic pressures.
Cab heater and Fan included
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