4700 m3 Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger w/Rainbowing

  • 230702-DS

Built in 1986 by IHC Holland in The Netherlands, the Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger has a class notation of Russian Maritime Register of Shipping. The dredger has 2 x 810 kW IHC HOLLAND, electric dredge pumps each with a suction diameter of 700 mm (28-inch). The hopper capacity is 4700 m3 (6,147 yd3) and can be unloaded via 2 x 9 hydraulically operated bottom doors, bow coupling able to couple onto a floating pipeline ID 750 mm, capable of discharge ~ 1000 m ashore, or Rainbow installation capable of discharge + 45 m ashore.

The vessel averages 12 metric tonnes in 24 hours. Speed is around 9 knots loaded, and 12 knots empty. Fuel is either IFO or MGO.

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Location: Persian Gulf

Year Built/Location: 1986, IHC Holland, The Netherlands
Port of Registry: Limassol
Flag: Cyprus
Class Notation: Russian  Maritime Register  of Shipping
Principal Dimensions and Characteristics
Length Over All: 110.1m 361-feet
Breadth: 20.40m 67-feet
Draught empty/loaded: 5.1 m / 8.5 m 16.7-feet / 27.9-feet
GT/NT: 7,086 / 2,125
Dredging Depth: 25 m 82-feet
Suction Diameter: 2 x 700 mm 2 x 27.6-inch
Dredging Pumps: 2 x 810 kW IHC HOLLAND, electric
Dredging Pump Capacity: 2 x 7020 m³/h
Water-jet Pumps: 2 x 350  kW @ 1000 m3/h, 8 kg/cm², electric
Hooper Capacity: 4700 m3 6,147 yd3
Discharge Systems: 2 x 9 hydraulically operated bottom doors
«standard» bow coupling able to couple onto a floating pipeline ID 750 mm, capable of discharge ~ 1000 m ashore
Rainbow installation capable  of discharge + 45 m ashore
Machinery and Propulsion
Bow Thrust: LIPS B. V. 500 kW
Engine: 2 x MAK 8 M32 C (new mounted – 2011)
Installed Power : 6,500 kW 8717 hp
Fuel: Either IFO or MGO
Speed (loaded): 9 knots
Speed (empty): 12 knots
Consumption: 12 metric tonnes per 24 hrs
Propellers: 2 x controllable-pitch propellers
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