5000-Tonne Semi-Submersible Barge

  • 1,500,000 USD
  • 200417-BF

This 38 m (125-foot) Semi-Submersible Barge is ready for inspection and delivery.  Lifting Capacity is 5000-Tonnes

Located in Hong Kong

Principal Dimensions and Characteristics
  Length Over All: 38.0 m 125 feet
  Molded Beam: 33.0 m 108 feet
  Molded Depth: 13.0 m 43 feet
Lifting Capacity 5000-tonnes 5512-Tons
  GRT/NRT: 1,677/503
  The vessel is divided into 6 ballast tanks.
  Each ballast tank has an inlet valve of which the turning wheel is extended to
  the top of the tower above for manual opening and closing.
  Each ballast tank has an underwater pump (6 in total), powered by removable generator
  set on the tower.
  Control switches are located on the Fore tower on the starboard side (green) to operate
  underwater for water discharge.
  Switch control allows up to 3 water pumps operation simultaneously with one generator set.
  There is only one gate at the foreside of the vessel (blue). There is no stern door (red).
  Open/Close of gate is operated by electrical winch powered by the generator set.
  The gate has water tight sealing installed.
  Make/Model: Denyo
  Power: 150 kW 200 hp
Safety Equipment
  Fire Fighting Appliances
  Life Saving Appliances
  Navigation Lights & Sound Signals
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