60-inch Pipe Lay Barge w/ DP and 1000-tonne Revolving Crane

  • 210902-BP

Built in 1976 and fully rebuilt and upgraded in 2009. Capable of laying pipes up to 60″ in offshore waters. Deck area is 1500m2. The barge can accommodate up to 280 persons. The main crane is a Clyde DE52 230 + 30 + 15 with capacity up to 1000t (fixed) at a radius of 22m and height of 66m.

Location: Brazil

Principal Dimensions
  Length (Overall): 144.2 m 473-ft
  Length: 121.40 m 400-ft
  Width: 30.48 m 100-ft
  Depth: 8.53 28-ft
  Propulsion: 6x 2000hp DP2 Kronsberg System
  Power Plant: 5x Cat 3512B  1288kva  each,  cat3406
  Tensioners: 2x 160t, SAS GOUDA
  A/R Winch 320t, SAS GOUDA
Main Crane
  Make: Clyde DE52 230 + 30 + 15
  Capacity: Radius: Height:
    1000t (fixed) 24 m 66 m
    750t (revolving) 23 m 65 m
    640t 30 m 64 m
    560t 32 m 63 m
    500t 34 m 62 m
    460t 35 m 61 m
    360t 40 m 60 m
    Aux 275t 25-48 m 75-70 m
    Whip 45t SWL45t 90 m
Deck Crane
  Make: American 9299  
  Capacity: 165tons, 30t @ 21m, 8,5t @ 42m
  Boom Length: 42.672 m 140-ft
  Winches: American 3000m2, 10x 1750m 2.1/2”-225tons line pull
  Anchors: 10 x Patented (10.000 kg each)
  Fuel: 1.899 m3 2484 yd3
  Potable Water: 3.096 m3 4049.4 yd3
  Ballastable Water: 7.531 m3 9850.2 yd3
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