7000 m3 Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger (TSHD)

  • 11,200,000 USD
  • 200308-DS

This 7200 m3 capacity hoop dredge has total installed power of 11,163 kW. Unloading can be handled by either pump ashore, bottom hump or rainbowing. Pumping distance is approximately 1500 m (4,921-feet) and rainbowing approximately 50 m (164-feet). The dredger has accommodations for 33 persons.

Note that when current owners took delivery, dredger was comprehensively rebuilt, equipped with European equipment and brought under NKK class. She is a greatly superior to other Chinese-built dredgers (with local ZC class).

Location: India

  Year Built/Location: 2009 / China
  Class Notation:

Laid Up

Principal Dimensions and Characteristics
  Length Over All: 108.6 m 356-feet
  Beam: 20.6 m 67.6-feet
  Draft (max.): 5.51 m 18-feet
  Discharge Type: Pump ashore, bottom dump and rainbow
  Dredging Depth: 27 m 88.6-feet
  Dredging Pumps: 2 x IHC Holland
  Water-jet Pumps: 2 x 720 kW 2 x 966 hp
  Hooper Capacity: 7048 m3 9218 yd3
  Suction Diameter: 800 mm 31.5-inch
  Suction Pipe: 2 x 800 mm, 18 mm thick, swell compensated, 3 points hoisting with two sets of dragheads
  Pumping Distance: approx 1,500 m approx 4,921-feet
  Rainbow Distance: approx 50 m approx 164-feet
  Bow Thrust: 375 kW 503 hp
  Main Engine: 2 x 2500 kW 2 x 3353 hp
  Dredge Pump Make/Model: 2 x Caterpillar 3516B  
  Dredge Pump Power: 2 x 1491 kW 2 x 2000 hp
  HP Jet Pump: 2 x 720 kW 2 x 966 hp
  Aux Eng: 3 x 500 kW 3 x 671 hp
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