76 m Ballastable Deck Barge (New Build)

  • 130930-BD

This 76 m Ballastable Deck Barge is a New Build, the vessel is expected to be launched in late November, 2013. The vessel is designed suitable for registration as a deck cargo and ballast tank barge and constructed in accordance with the latest rules and regulations of BV Classification or Class for Unrestricted Services and to their special survey to hull for class for Unmanned deck cargo and ballast tank barge. Notation Symbol: PONTOON I HULL.

Located in China

Principal Dimensions and Characteristics
  Length Over All: 76.20 m 250 feet
  Molded Beam: 24.38 m 80 feet
  Molded Depth: 4.88 m 16 feet
  Deck Loading: 20.0 tonnes/m2
  Transverse Watertight Bulkheads: 7 each
  Longitudinal Watertight Bulkheads: 2 each
  Ballast Compartments: 24 each
Deck Machinery & Equipment
  All deck machinery and equipment are supplied by Seller and installed to meet Classification’s requirements.
  Deck Fittings:
  Mooring Bollards:
    8 Twin bitts, 10’’ N.B. Pipe recessed mooring bollards are to be fitted on main deck as shown on the
    General Arrangement Plan.
  Towing Brackets:
    5 Towing bracket with SWL of 40T each at bow and aft of portside and starboard to be installed.
  Anchor Winch:
    One (1) diesel-driven anchor winch of approximately 10 tonnes capacity, the drum shall be capable of
    stowing 150 m x 36 mm (492 feet x 1.4 inches) diameter galvanized wire rope.
    One (1) 1,590 kg Stockless Bower Anchor.
  Anchor Wire Rope:
    150 m x 36 mm (492 feet x 1.4 inches) diameter Anchor galvanized wire rope with diameter 34 mm x 3 m
    (1.3 inches x 10 feet), U2 anchor chain to be supplied and installed.
    Chain Stopper-One (1) unit chain stopper to suit the chain size to be fitted.
    1 manhole is to be provided for each tank, size of manhole to be 600 mm x 400 mm (24 inches x 16 inches)
    clear opening and flush type. Studs and nuts to be 316 stainless steel.
    Two (2) rows of 6 inch (152.4 mm), Sch. 80 half round pipe to be fitted on port and starboard sides.
  Navigation Lights:
    Stern light * Bow light (p&s).
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