8-inch Bucket Wheeler Cutter Dredger

  • 799,000 USD
  • 220805-DR

Neumann built 8” Bucket Wheel Cutter Suction Dredger, non – self-propelled. It has twin variable speed slurry pumps installed in series, often saving the need for installation of a booster pump into the discharge pipeline. The vessel was completely re-fitted in 2014 during which the whole power system, electrical system, positioning system and the hydraulic systems were completely exchanged with the latest in in technologies. Other upgrades were done to the engine room, filtration systems, exhausts (changed to water cooled), floating lines, keel coolers and others. The quietness of this dredge allows it to work in sensitive areas.

Ancillary Equipment Package including pipeline, floating pipelines, anchors and 8-inch Booster Pump “BP06”  can be purchased in a package with the dredger for a combined price of AUD 943,000.

Location: Australia

Principal Dimensions and Characteristics
  Length Over All: 21 m 69-ft
  Hull Length: 16 m 52.5-ft
  Beam: 4.2 m 13.8-ft
  Displacement: 46 to 49 tonnes 51 to 54 ton
  Suction Diameter: 200 mm 8-in
  Discharge Diameter: 200 mm 8-in
  Dredging Depth: 7 m 23-ft
  Pump Make/Model: Warman 8″ Series G with hydrostatic drive
  Power: Scania DI 13 Marine Diesel
  Pump: 368 kW 494 hp
Ladder Pump
  Make/Model: Warman 8″ Series G with hydrostatic drive mechanically sealed for underwater operation
  Type: Bucket Wheel  
  Cutter Power: 30 kW 40 hp
  Replaceable cutting edges and teeth. A reverse cutter wheel is included with adapter kit.
  Anchor Booms: Fitted, Dredge sets its own anchors where required.
  Spud System: Fitted. Main spud travels hydraulically (2.5 metres). Modern lifting and lowering mechanism.
  Stern Winch: Optional stern winch, for optional all wire operation where spuds cannot be used.
  Engine Room: Houses Scania diesel power plant, hydraulic pumps, filtration and controls. Fully enclosed with fan for ventilation. Insulated against fire and noise. Water cooled exhaust system built into the hull.
  Electrical: 12V DC, 24V DC, and 240V AC is available on board. Circuit breakers and earth leakage protection is fitted.
  Lighting: 1000 watts external LED lighting floods are fitted.
  Flow measure: A magnetic flowmeter is fitted; this gives pipeline flow rate information.
  Positioning: The dredge has a Trimble DGPS positioning system fitted which displays dredge cuts and line & level information to the operator, mobiles and back to the office.
Ancillary Equipment (included in package price)
  Pipeline: 5 ½ racks of pipeline in poly HDPE dredge pipe in total is currently available. Approx. 1,600m of this is Class 12.5 (high pressure) 250mm (8” bore) and another secondary HDPE pipe is available for boosting in lower pressure locations.
  Floating Pipelines: 8 off 6m X 200mm dia. stainless floating lines, flexible hoses and poly pipelines
  Anchors: Danforth/ CGC modified anchors for dredge and floating line.
  Booster Pump: BP06 Cat V8 diesel powered portable booster pump station with 8” Warman dredge pump
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