9-tonne Capacity Truckable Jack Up Barge

  • 272,000 USD
  • 140104-BJ

This is a new, built to order unit, however one is usually available for prompt delivery from stock. The unit is comprised of styrofoam blocks for flotation in a steel frame. It can be shipped in 4 standard ISO containers. The barge is well suited for soil for investigation.

Located in the Far East

Principal Dimensions and Characteristics
  Year Built: New
  Length Over All: 9 m 30 feet
  Beam: 9 m 30 feet
  Depth: 1.4 m 4.6 feet
  Leg Length: 24 m 79 feet
  Leg Diameter: 0.356 m

1.2 feet

Operating Conditions
  Wind Velocity: 15 m/sec 49 feet/sec
  Maximum Wave Height: 1.5 m 5 feet
  Current Velocity: 1.5 knots
Working Conditions
  Area of work Table: 8 x 9 m 26 x 30 feet
  Max Sea Depth: 15 m 49 feet
  Working Load (Max) 9-tones
Power Pack
  Main Pump Engine:
  Power @ 1,800 RPM 80 kW 107 hp
  Main Pump:
  Make/Model: Denison/ T6CC-017
  Time for lift Up: 30 m/hr (98 feet/hr) x 1,800 RPM
  Time for lift Down: 27 m/hr (89 feet/hr) x 1,800 RPM
Mooring System
  Winches: 1 Drum, 4 tons
  Anchors: 0.15 tons
  Moon Pool (width x length): 0.5 x 0.5 m 1.6 x 1.6 feet
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