964 BHP Self-Propelled Crane Barge

  • 200319-BD

Vessel especially suited for grab dredging and placing of rocks, blocks or tetrapod’s and similar placing. The Equilibrum crane has a depth of 20 m (65.6-feet) and a reach of 28.0 m (91-feet)The bucket has a capacity of 5.75m3. The vessel has a max. deck load of 4T/m2. Powered by 2 EM MOTORS GMBH K22R the vessel has total power of 964 bhp. Built in 2010, the next annual survey is due on May 2021. Class Society and Notation is BV Coastal Area.


Location: Europe

Year Built: 2010
Hull Material: Steel
Flag: Belgium
Class Society and Notation BV Coastal area
Principal Dimensions and Characteristics
Length: 50.0 m 164-feet
Breadth: 15.0 m 49.2-feet
Depth: 2.8 m 9.2-feet
GT: 693 tonnes 764 tons
DWT: 808 tonnes 890.7 tons
Machinery and Equipment
Main Engines
Power: 2 x EM MOTORS GMBH K22R
Power: 719 kW 964 hp
1 Generator: 260 kVA (48 kW), 400 V, 50 Hz
2 Generators: 525 kVA (420 kW), 400 V, 50 Hz
Main Propulsion System: 2 Azimuth thrusters 331 kW
Bowthruster: 349 kW 468 hp
Propeller: 2 Solid Z PELLER 10, 1800 rpm
Speed: 7 knots
Freeboard: 884 mm
Max Deckload: 4 T / m2
Equilibrium Crane
Max Depth: 20.0 m 65.6-feet
Max Reach: 28.0 m 91.9-feet
Main Anchors: 2
Chain Diameter: 22 mm .87-inches
Strength: steel quality Q2 (High tensile strength steel)
Capacity: 14 T
Size: 5,5 / 5,75 m3
Penetration Power: 300-400 kPa
Spuds (3)
Length: 25 m 82-feet
Guides: 3
Accommodations: 5 single berths
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