Amphibious Combination Dredger / Twin Sisters Available

  • 830,000 EUR
  • 912,088 USD
  • 230400-DE

Classified for inland water use only. Equipment is suitable for use on land and in water. One vessel has operated for up to 400 working hours and the 2nd is new. The Vessel has a dredging depth of 6 m and a bucket size of 0.8 m3. Sand pump output diameter is 200 mm and has a flow capacity of 500 m3/hr. Auger head has an outer diameter of 450 mm. Vessells can be purchases separately.

The structure of the amphibious excavator includes: 1) working device, 2) working arm, 3) swivel base, 4) air conditioner, autonomous heating system 5) cabin, 6) engine room, 7) navigation lights, 8) positioning spuds, 9) propeller system, 10) Walking platform, 11) side pontoon, 12) middle pontoon, 13) crawler pontoon, etc

Built according to European Union standards to operate in inland waters. The hydraulic system is installed with the highest quality hydraulic hoses. The hull and boom of the equipment are reinforced and meet quality standards.

Price is per unit.

Location: Baltic

  Year Built: 2021, China
  Classification: RINA Dredging Unit
Principal Dimensions and Characteristics
  Length: 12.90 m 42.32-ft
  Breadth: 6.80 m 22.30-ft
  Depth: 1.84 m 6.04-ft
  Draft: 1.00 m 3.3-ft
  GT/NT: 50/30 tonnes 55/33 tons
  Total Power: 269 kw 361 hp
  Main Engine: Cummins NTA855
  Dredging Depth: 6 m 19.7-ft
  Lift Capacity: 4 T 4.4 tons
  Max Wave Height: 0.5 m 1.6-ft
  Digging Bucket: 0.8 m3 1.05 yd3
  Stone Removal Grab: 0.8 m3 1.05 yd3
Sand Pump
  Discharge Diameter: 200 mm 8-in
  Max Particle Size: 50 mm 2-in
  Flow Capacity: 500 m3/hr 654 yd3/hr
  Input power: 110 KW 147 hp
Hydraulic Motor:
  Make/Model: Beijing Huade / A2F200
  Speed: 1200 rpm 1200 rpm
  Flow: 240 L/min 63 gal/min
  Power: 110 kw 147 hp
Auger Hear:
  Outer Diameter: 450 mm 18-in
  Teeth: 6 pieces 6 pieces
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