Damen 250 Submersible Pump

  • 72,500 EUR
  • 190706-CP

This Damen DOP250 Submersible Pump is a compact pump directly powered by a hydraulic motor, mounted in a protective casing. The robust casing can be fitted out with a large array of suction heads, which results in a versatile dredging tool fit for a broad range of tasks. Pumps are designed to be user friendly and for ease of maintenance.

The following accessories of the pump are included in to the price:

  • 30 m of discharge hose
  • 15 m of hydraulic hose to connect with the excavator (hydraulic station);
  • 30 m hose to connect with jet water pump;
  • 1 head of type A – for sand discharge
  • 1 head of type B – leveler (flat);
  • Pump’s gearbox cooling;
  • 300 meters of floating line (219 mm diameter of plastic pipes + floats)

Location: Latvia

Principal Dimensions and Characteristics
  Pump Make/Model: Damen / DOP250
  Max. mixture capacity:                      1,250 m3/hr  
  Max. total head:                                   5.3 bar 76.87 psi
  Max. Pump Speed: 900 rpm  
  Max. power at shaft:                           195 kW 265 hp
Hydraulic Requirements
  Oil Flow: 483 l/min 126 gal/min
  Oil pressure ? P at motor: 250 bar 3626 psi
Jet Water
  Internal diameter: 125 mm 5 in
  Capacity: 300 m³/hr
  Pressure: 8 bar 116 psi
Dredge Pump Dimensions
  Suction internal diameter: 250 mm 9.8 in
  Discharge internal diameter: 250 mm 9.8 in
  Max. spherical passage: 130 mm 5 in
  Basic DOP pump unit : 2,425 kg 5,346 lbs
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