Ellicott 1270 – 18-inch Cutter Suction Dredge (CSD)

  • 1,890,000 USD
  • 210903-DB

The Ellicott Series 1270 built in 2018 is a non-self-propelled, transportable, hydraulic pipeline, cutterhead dredge. Its prime mover consists of a diesel driven centrifugal dredge pump and a diesel driven hydraulic system which powers the cutter, ladder lifting cylinders, and swing and spud winches.

The dredge is fully operational. Service records available. 2 cutter heads included, some spare shaft bearings and other parts.

Location: Mexico

Principal Dimensions and Characteristics
  Built: 2018
  Length, Hull: 20.7 m 68-ft
  Width, Hull: 7.9 m 26-ft
  Depth, Hull: 1.4 m 4.5-ft
  Ladder Length: 18.2 m 59-ft
  Dry Weight: 106,594 kg 235,000 lbs
  Dredging Depth: 15.2 m 50-ft
Dredge Pump
  Dredge Pump Engine: CAT C32
  Engine Pump Power: 746 kW 1000 hp
  Auxiliary Engine: CAT 9
  Engine Pump Power: 261 kW 350 hp
  Suction Diameter: 457 mm 18-in
  Discharge Diameter: 457 mm 18-in
Cutter Basket Type
  Shaft Horsepower Rating: 116 kW 155 hp
  Speed Range: 29-45 rpm 29-45 rpm
  No. of Blades: 6 6
  Cutter Diameter: 1371 mm 54-in
  Shaft Diameter: 113 mm 4-7/16-in
  Head Weight: 635 kg 1,400 lbs
Swing Winches (2)
  Shaft Horsepower:   49 shp
  Line Pull: 6804 kg 15,000 lbs
  Line Speed: 0-31.5 m/min 0-130 ft/min
  Wire Size: 15.9 mm 5/8-in
  Drum Capacity: 122 m 400-ft
Ladder Hoist
  Shaft Horsepower: 31 kw 42 shp
  Line Pull: 3,937 kg 19,703 lbs
  Line Speed: 18.5 m/min 0-61 ft/min
  Wire Size: 19 mm 3/4-in
  Drum Capacity: 122 m 400-ft
Spud Winches (2)
  Shaft Horsepower: 35 kw 47 shp
  Line Pull: 12,138 kg 26,738 lbs
  Line Speed: 15.2 m/min 50 ft/min
  Wire Size: 22.2 mm 7/8-in
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