Excavator Dredger based on P-944 Excavator

  • 312,000 EUR
  • 200704-DE

Pontoon F 600 with Pontoon Excavator P 944. Excavator has 2 buckets – 5.6m3 and 2.1 Pontoon length is 22.0 m (72-ft), width of 7,48 m (24.5-ft) and max flotation depth of 1,10 m (26-inches). Spuds has a length of 8.5 m (28-ft) however there is a 2m bolt in section that extends the spud length to 10.5 m (34.5-ft). Pontoon is reported in good condition.

Location: Germany

  Year Built/Location: 1988
Principal Dimensions and Characteristics
  Length: 22.0 m 72-ft
  Width: 7,48 m 24.5-ft
  Max Flotation Depth: 1,10 m 3.6-ft
  Freeboard: 66 cm 26-inch
Buckets (2)
  Bucket: 5.6 m3 7.32 yd3
  Bucket: 2.1 m3 2.8 yd3
  Length: 8.5 m 27.9-ft
  Length with  2 m bolt in section: 10.5 m 34.45-ft
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