NEW 76 HP, 25-foot Tug Boat/Dredge Tender w/ A-frame

  • 117,000 USD
  • 210914-BW

Factory built in 2016 but never used. The vessel has 2 side pontoon that are bolt mounted on the side of the hull. The length of the vessel is 24-ft 10-in and width of 13-ft (including side pontoons). The XinHong / XHSJ20-374A-00 winch is hydraulic and has a capacity of 3000 lbs. It has a WP4C82-15 Deutz Diesel Engine Turbo. engine with 76 hp.  Transmission ratio is 2:1. A new transmission with 3:1 ratio is also included.

Location: state of Washington, USA

Year Built: 2016 / never used
Length: 7.57 m 24-ft 10-inch
Width incld side pontoons: 3.96 m 13-ft
Depth: 1 m 39-inch
Draft: 0.61 m 24-inch
Height Overall: 3.66 m 12-ft
Weight: 9.07 T 20,000 lbs
Make/Model: WP4C82-15 Deutz Diesel Engine Turbo.
Power: 56.67 76 hp
Diesel Capacity: 568 ltrs 150 gal
Make/Model: XinHong / XHSJ20-374A-00
Type: Hydrualic
Capacity: 1.36T 3000 lbs
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