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Dredges and Dredging Equipment

Hydraulic Dredgers

Hydraulic dredgers use moving water to transport the dredged material. The material is picked up by the suction of a pump, then transported through a pipeline in the form of a slurry.
  • Cutter Suction Dredge
  • Horizontal Cutter Dredge
  • Dustpan Dredge
  • Plain Suction Dredge
  • Jet Suction Dredge
  • Bucket Wheel Dredge
Cutter Suction Dredger
Excavator Dredge

Mechanical Dredgers

Mechanical Dredgers use a bucket , clamshell or other mechanical means to scoop the material from the bottom. If the material cannot be discharged close to the dredger, then it must be stored for subsequent transport.
  • Clamshell Dredge
  • Excavator Dredge
  • Backhoe Dredge
  • Bucket Ladder Dredge

Hopper Dredgers

Usually ship-form in design, a hopper dredger deposits the dredged material in an on-board hopper for transportation. Both mechanical and hydraulic designs are common for loading the hopper as well as for discharging the dredged material.
  • Trailing Suction Hopper Dredge
  • Clamshell Loading Hopper Dredge
  • Excavator Loading Hopper Dredge
  • Bucket Ladder Hopper Dredge
Hopper Dredge
Dredge Pump

Pumps and Dredge Components

This category encompasses the component parts of a dredger such as dredger pumps, including booster pumps, cutter heads, hull modules, ladders, anchors, spuds and the like.
  • Booster Pump
  • Dredge Pump
  • Cutter Head
  • Dredge Anchor
  • Ladders
  • Grabs and Grapples
  • Hull Components

Dredge Pipeline Components

This category encompass all the parts of dredge discharge pipeline, including pipe, floats, ball joints, etc.
  • Floating Pipeline
  • Shore Pipeline
  • Ball Joints
  • Pipeline Floats
Hopper Barge

Cargo Barges

Cargo Barges are vessels whose hulls are maximized for carrying cargo. Deck barges carry all their cargo on the deck. Hopper barges have funnel shaped holds that can be emptied through the bottom of the vessel. Hold barges have box shaped holds with no provision for bottom dumping.
  • Deck Barge (Flat Top Pontoon)
  • Split Hopper Barge
  • Bottom Dumping Hopper Barge
  • Hold Barge
  • Sand Carrier
  • Tank Barge

Work and Crane Barges

Work barges are specialized for performing some marine work, such as pipe or cable laying, providing accommodations, pile driving, dive support or to support general marine works. Crane barges are floating platforms for fixed or rotating canes.
  • Modular Barge
  • Crane Barge
  • Floating Crane
  • Pile Driver Barge
  • Accommodations Barge
  • Pipe or Cable Lay Barge
  • Work Barge
Crane Barge
Tug Boat

Working Boats

Working boats are vessels that are specialized for performing some work function on the water, such as pushing and towing, supporting dive operations, transporting personnel and equipment, surveying and similar operations..
  • Tow Boats and Push Boats
  • Ocean Going Tugs
  • Near Shore Tugs
  • High speed Boats, Crew Boats
  • Work Boats
  • Survey Boat

Support Equipment

This category encompasses the myriad equipment required to support work on the water
  • Pipe Fusion Machines
  • Sand Processing Equip.
  • Personnel Housing Units
  • Water Extraction Equip.
Pipe Fusion Machine
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