Dredge Components

  • (2) MTU 12v396 TE74L Engines For Sale

    (2) MTU 12v396 TE74L Engines For Sale

    • 189,000 USD
    • 90125-CD

    Both MTU 12v396 TE74L Engines were fitted with an RO-82 control system. (The control system can be easily changed as required to suit installation). The engines were removed from a high speed passenger ferry. They can be supplied with all engine room and bridge control and monitoring panels. MTU 12v396 TE74L Engine: Serial #5582647, on…

  • Dredge Cutter Head w/ 71-inch (1,803 mm) ID Black Ring

    Dredge Cutter Head w/ 71-inch (1,803 mm) ID Black Ring

    • 17,000 USD
    • 509CH-1

    Cutter head includes 8 complete extra sets of replaceable cutter edges. The cutter head edges have casting #A6337 and #A6338. New York, USA All details on these pages are given in good faith and are believed to be accurate but no warranty of accuracy or completeness or suitability for purpose is either stated or implied.…

  • Amphibious Undercarriage for 12-14 Tonne Class Excavators

    • 110,000 USD
    • 121028-CM

    • An amphibious excavator, also known as a marsh buggy, is an excavator specifically designed to maneuver in marshes, swampy areas and soft terrain, as well as to float on water. • The physics behind the amphibious excavator lies in the hermetically sealed pontoons, designed based on Archimedes’ principle. Coupled with its large foot print,…