3-inch Remote Controlled Horizontal Dredge, LWT “Pit Hog” BCV-5

  • 67,000 USD
  • 200727-DH

LWT Pithog Remote Controlled Dredges purchased for a job that did not happen. Low original hours. Can be controlled from shore or on-board. Complete set of manuals which show date of September 2003. Dredging working depth is 20′ with suction and discharge diameters of 8.75″. Pontoon (2) length is 40′ with a length overall of 50′-9″. Transportation width is 11′-10″. Weight estimated as 35,000 lbs.

Bundle price available with 200726-DH

Location: State of California, USA

Principal Dimensions and Characteristics
Flotation: Pontoons (2)
Length Over All: 15.47 m 50-ft 9-inch
Width (transportation): 3.606 m 11-ft 10-inch
Height: 3.352 m 11-ft
Length: 12.19 m 40-ft
Width: 1.07 m 42-inch
Depth: 0.15 m 6-inch
Weight (est): 15875 kgs 35,000 lbs
230/460 VAC, 3 Phase, 60 Hz Electrical Power
Rototiller Motor Drives & Traverse Winch: 56 kW 75 hp
Slurry Pump Drive, Boom Hoist & Head- Tilt Cylinder: 44.74 kW 60 hp
Oil Cooler Re-circulating Pump: 5.6 kW 7.5 hp
Slurry Pump
Gorman-Rupp Model T3A60-B, Self Priming Centrifugal Pump.
Materials of Construction: Pump Casing – Cast Iron
Material Seal: Silicon carbide rotary & stationary faces
Suction & Discharge Diameters: 76.2 mm 3-inch
Semi-open Impeller Diamter: 223 mm 8.75-inch
Sphere size 63.5 mm 2.5-inch
Dredging Head
Dredging Depth: 6.096 m 20-ft
Hood Assembly: Welded 6061 Marine Grade Aluminum Alloy
OAL: 2.89 m 9-ft 6-inch
Rototiller 40 Ditch Witch Teeth (20 RH & 20 LH)
Diameter: 229 mm 9-inch
Length: 2.44 m 8-ft
Diameter: 229 mm 9-inch
Drive: 45 hp hydraulic motor coupled to 17-4 PH SS Shaft w/ Sprocket Chain power
Speed Variable 0 to 200 RPM
Lateral Move System & Propulsion
Automated System w/ shore-based winches strategically located around basin
Treble SHeave hydraulic winch w/ 3/8″ diameter 7 x 9, galvanized wire rope (traverse cable) w/ proximity switches & stops at ends
Winch Drive – hydraulic motor w/ Planetary Gear Reducer Drive – Traverse Speed Variable from 0 to 130 FPM
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